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East Timor Hotels and Resorts

East Timor -Timor Leste has truly begun its journey towards the future, out of the ashes of its past, and one of the most resonant statements that we hear over and over again from visitors is how lucky they feel to have come and seen for themselves just how amazing it is. The simple fact is that you cannot find what is special in Timor Leste anywhere else in the world anymore. Everywhere has been “done”, traveled, marked and in many ways spoiled. The beauty of Timor Leste now is its potential, the real chance that it has for an amazing future, without the bias of negativity found so much elsewhere. The combination of its history, spectacular scenery - both above and below water, a culture that is remarkably individual and a people that have seen so many changes in such a short time alone makes Timor-Leste a place that will appeal to everyone in many different ways.

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